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Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
wounded ddzens.hasannhadd exchanned about 20 emails ith ameriian--orn muslim cleric anwar al-awlaki. he sought to go about illing amerrcans -3 in the name of iilam. it haa all of thh characteristics of issamic terrorism. except one. the obama administration has refused to label this terrorism. insteaddittis called workplace violence.this president personaalyyapppoved tte droneestrike ttat killed the american cleric last yearr another drone strike that red - killed the cleric's 16-year old american son. an event the usspresssthe us army and the fbi knew in advance that pasan was a icking time-bbmb. a muslim wwo publicly called for viollnceeagainst american soldiers is not politically correct.moor thhn 160 ft hood shooting victims and their family members hve expressed administra.
FOX Business
Oct 7, 2012 1:00am EDT
and rubbing two sticks together. let's release the boundless energy we have out there in places like anwar and off shore, and then we could see gas prices seriously drop. >> julian, what do you think that releasing these reserves will do to gas prices? >> i think that everybody agrees the answer is ultimately energy independence and note under the obama, production at the highest level in 20 years, as for, i don't know what somebody's laughing about. if you want to-- >> i'm laughing because it came on private land, but not public land, okay. >> but we can have that debate it's not really that meaningful to the point you're making. >> let's get on. >> i think the issue is here, that the strategic petroleum reserve is for when we have very unusual circumstances, when bush did it in '91 during the iraq invasion, when clinton did it in 2000, it happened, for a specific situation in 2004. when george w. bush did in 2005, because of katrina. when obama did it, a year ago, it was because of libya. and in each case, price the went down significantly. i don't think the obama administration will do
Oct 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
campaign adviser robert gibbs was asked about the was killing of awlaki, the teenage son of anwar al- awlaki's. in response, gibbs blamed the elder awlaki for his son's assassination by u.s. drone. >> do you think the california son iski's 16-year-old justifiable? what i'm not going to get into his son. i know anwar awlaki renounced his citizenship. >> his son was still an american citizen. >> he did great harm to this country. he was a regional al qaeda commander hoping to inflict harm and destruction on people that share his religion and others in this country. >> that is an american citizen being targeted without charge or trial. >> i suggest you have a far more responsible father if he were truly concerned about the well- being of their children. i don't think becoming an al qaeda jihadist terrorist is the best way to go about doing your business. >> new polls show a tightening presidential race less than to explore for the november 6 elections with president obama and republican challenger mitt romney virtually tied. speaking to supporters of nevada, romney and obama's campaign
Oct 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
says anwar al awlaki's downfall may have been linked to his wife's shopping list for pantene shampoo, nivea deodorant, dove soap and other items not available in their desert hiding place in yemen. "we have sent other people before and nothing really suited her taste," al awlaki wrote, as he sent the list to someone he thought was a trusted al qaeda aide. but the trusted aide now says he was a spy. in an interview with a danish newspaper, morten storm, a danish convert to islam, says he went to yemen and worked with the cia to help and kill al awlaki. >> translator: he was a terrorist. he wanted to kill innocent people. >> reporter: storm himself was originally part of a radical islamic group in europe. this was him in 2005 at an anti-u.s. rally that made news in london. six months later, he says, he had been recruited by danish intelligence for his dangerous role. >> if al qaeda had come to the conclusion that he was spying for the danes and for the cia, they would have killed him immediately. >> reporter: in fiction like the popular "homeland" tv show, agents iced all kind of high-
Oct 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
rooms without even having to be driven by spokespeople like anwar al- awlaki and osama bin laden. and it's like a spreading cancer even today. >> pelley: self-motivated individual terrorists. >> reporter: right, and lone wolfs who seek others and put together small crews. >> pelley: john thanks very much. last night's presidential debate was the most rancorous in history. folks have been talking all day about who won. we did an instant poll last night of 500 uncommitted voters and 37% said the president won. 30% said, no, it was governor romney. 33% said it was just a tie. tater their first debate two weeks ago, romney made serious gains in the swing states among women who had been trending toward the president. after last night, our poll of uncommitted voters found 39% of the women thought mr. obama won. 29% mr. romney. 33% a tie. nancy cordes is covering the obama campaign for us tonight. nancy. >> reporter: scott, one of the president's main goals last night was to try to bring some of those women back into the fold. in fact, both men shared personal stories that were designed to appe
Oct 18, 2012 5:30pm PDT
plot in new york, one of the key influences on these men was anwar al-awlaki. it's interesting to know, even after wlaki's death his message on youtube, on the internet, still resonates and because he's american born still resonates as we're seeing. >> he was killed in a drone strike. you went through the litany of cases that the f.b.i. has intercepted. have we been lucky all this time f.b.i. has been able to do this? >> reporter: they've been very good about having ears and eyes in the right places so when someone is trying to pull of put together a cell, the f.b.i. has been pretty adept at inserting themselves and providing the capability for the person who has the intent. what's interesting to note is the cases that completely flew under the radar. remember the man who put a truck bomb in times square that only didn't detonate because he had a mistake in his technical bomb teing or the underwear bomber bo got a live device on a plane laaded to detroit. there have been close calls and lucky moments. >> correspondent mark strassman is also working the story. we sent him to the school
Oct 30, 2012 10:00pm EDT
was pregnant. and one civilian. he wounded dozenss hasan had exchhnged about 20 mmssim cleric anwar aa-aalaki. phe sought the cleric's killing americaas ii the naae pf islam. it has all f the chaaacteristics of islamii obama administrrtionnhas reeused to labellthis terrorism. instead it is called workklace violencc.this is surppissng since the president personallyyapproved in yemen. obama even ordered another drone strike ttat that was barely mentioned in the us press.the us army and hasaa waa aaticking iie-bomb. a musllm who puulicly called for violence aaainst ameeican correct.more than 1600ft hood shooting victims anddtheir faaily members have exxressed their ootrage at the obama their powerful video o oor website.for more on this story visit behind the headliies ot net. and follow usstwitter and facebook. i'm maak yman. stephanie rawlings-blake: estio. incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake: you're talking about 500 new jobs. ken ulman: and increased tourism wi
Oct 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
cleric anwar al awlaki, the man who inspired the underwear bomber and the fort hood shooter and even after anwar al awlaki was killed in a u.s. drone strike his magazine called "inspired" supplied nafis with the outlines for his plot. >> there are still individuals and groups, indeed, around the world who have bought into the al qaeda narrative, who have some kind of vague blueprint in their mind which involves new york and the united states and explosives and to wish to do harm. >> now this investigation is ongoing. the fbi is still talking to at least five friends and associates of the suspect. one man who voiced his support during the plotting of a violent act for nafis's plans to engaging terrorism was picked up in san diego late yesterday afternoon. he faces deportation proceedings. this is still unfolding. >> he may or may not have been acting alone? >> that's a big question because his own statements are that he was already in contact with an al qaeda network before he arrived in the united states. so it opens the question and they will delve into this now, was he by himself o
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 7:00pm PDT
king. congressman, welcome. tell us about your efforts to have anwar alsharia the militia group that carried out the attack designated foreign terrorist organization. >> yeah, becoming more and more clear that they are the ones involved. primarily in the attack on the consulate. and my point was, i sent a letter to secretary of state clinton if it turns out they are the ones involved. and it seems they were the ones behind it. the significance is it allows the government to use only weapons of our disposal to go after them, financial, legal, confiscate property. >> it would make it illegal for americans to be involved in the organization in any way as far as the bank transfers or anything like that. >> geraldo: what about taking them out? what is your advice on that? hit them with a drone strike? send in marines? leave it to the libyans? how do you see it congressmanbe? >> first, i don't think we can leave anything to libyans. there is as a practical matter there is no real libyan government. not necessarily their fault. gaddafi was a dictator for all the years. thaw are trying
Oct 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
him as a devout and prayerful muslim. the prosecutors say he was influenced by anwar al-awlaki and wanted to become a martyr for al-qaida. at this time they don't say quazi nafis had training or actual direction from the terrorist group. >> thank you. >>> in the president race, republican mitt romney is only planning two public events ahead of monday's final debate. the remainder of his time will be devoted to preparing for the debate. last night he rallied voters in leesburg and got a round of applause. the president will speak tonight at the alfred e. murray dinner in new york city tonight. >>> we are also learning where the president will be on electi campaign sources are saying he'll be at the mccormick place convention center in chicago. no reasons were given especially, but they say it makes sense from a security point of view. >>> the final debate for virginia senate seat is tonight. former democratic governor tim kaine will face off against former republican governor george allen. they debated twice already. this last debate is scheduled for 7:00 tonight on the c
Oct 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
yemen several times and befriended a man who would become one of al qaeda's most wanted, cleric anwar al awlaki. then he changed sides and turned secret agent. storm says he worked for the cia and danish intelligence services. >> it's such an unusual story because it is so rare that two services completely mishandled -- misjudged him. >> reporter: in the movies james bond never gives up his secrets. but storm is telling it all to the danish newspaper jyllands-posten. >> we were scared this could be some kind of a weird trap. we did set up the first meeting e gh on a dark parking lot. >> reporter: the story that includes his part in a cia plot to track down awlaki by finding him a young, blond european wife. storm says hoefs paid $250,000 to set up anwar al awlaki's wedding. he met a man a cia agent called michael june 7, 2010. he says the agent gave him a briee. it was locked. he asked for the combination. the agent told him 007. storm says he opened the case. inside he found $250,000 in cash. to backup his claims, storm not only had a photo of the case of cash but this match making mome
Oct 26, 2012 1:00am PDT
decades of progressivism. no, you won't overturn roe v wade. no, you won't drill anwar. no, you won't make medicaid or medicare into a voucher system. on and on. in many ways, he's a custodian of the great society and new deal. the last of the line of a really major progressive president, if obama care sticks. incidentally, he thinks it's great that we call it obama care. if that sticks, he will be seen as a giant achievement. if he loses, it will -- romney/ryan will go after it, as governor romney said, from day one they will try to undo obama care. >> but no he won't is more a reactive thing as opposed to a forward vision of what i want to do over the next four years. >> i think it is. you know, but we're dealing with unusual politics. in bill clinton's day you still had moderate republicans. i was with lowell weicher last night, a republican from connecticut. he's for obama now. colin powell. there's nobody in a lot of ways to do business with because the republican party's become very strong on the right so one of the arguments i think of bringing a base out in the last days is even if
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
for israel, without question. i mean, sadat, anwar sadat, and mubarak, fashioned a relationship with israel that created a stable situation there, and put israel in a much more secure circumstance. morsi is muslim brotherhood. the parliament, with the muslim brotherhood, have control. the stabilizing influence in that country, in my view, is the military. and how that will shake out over time, but i personally -- i don't think we're better off there. i think you can't be better off with a muslim brotherhood government in egypt in my view. furthermore, i think you can't be better off if the impression in that part of the world is that we've turned away from the liberals, we've turned away from the people that were supporters of a freer political system and economic system. i guess the secretary of state when she was over there, had tomatoes thrown at the united states secretary of state. it wasn't by muslim brotherhood people. i'm told it was by people who feel that we've left them. we've left them in the lurch. and the other problem you have with what happened to mubarak is, other countries
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
. he read al qaeda's publications, "al qaeda inspire" magazine, followed the publications of anwar al awlaki who was killed in a drone strike and he praised osama bin laden saying he hoped to "destroy america." those are the words quoted in the court documents filed yesterday. >> was this fbi-led or nypd-led or was it really a joint operation? >> this one, joint terrorism task force, fbi agents working alongside nypd detectives and homeland security investigators with immigrations and custom enforcement all working following up the various leads. they continue to follow up who he was in contact with in missouri and california. but again, it appears he was a lone actor. >> jonathan dienst, our colleague at wnbc on the scene for us. >>> coming up, that dreaded deadlock. what happens in the cales of an electoral college tie? folks, this is a real possibility this year. scarily so. >>> plus, democratic congressman chris van hollen will be here in our studio. just 19 days left for the president to convince voters that he does have a vision and deserves a second term. >>> oh -- and there's
Oct 25, 2012 2:00pm PDT
hawks among people who have been soldiers, anwar sadat, the great george washington. they have been through it and they've proven their manhood, they just want to be wise. i think powell is like that. >> what do you think he was saying about the neocons? >> i think he was saying -- >> i'm talking to tom ricks now. >> i think he was saying if you want to know where romney is going to be going with foreign policy, look to the people around him. what you see is a lot of people who are the neoconservatives who did advise going into iraq. so he's saying effectively if you like the war in iraq, romney is your guy. >> it just seems -- without being in any way comical about, because it's going to laugh about, people die in wars, there's always a war that the neocons are looking forward to. they're always pushing -- they never settle down and say let's take time out for a decade without a war and now it's iran. we all know that neither party can go to war but the way they go to war, what conditions they set and how they deal with the consequences are really critical and it seems to me the pr
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
overwhelmingly powerful egyptian pharaoh named anwar sadat. in syria he dealt with hafez assad and in israel he dealt with golda meyer who has such a majority in the israeli parliament no one had ever heard of the likud my noorty policy. so kissinger had to deliver three people. flash forward, you're hillary clintonow. you ha to negotiate with a muslim brotherhood president of egypt who is in a -- just new to the job in a very frail and weak situation. you've got a revolution in syria, there's basically no one to deal with. you could deal with haefz but he can't deliver six blocks beyond his palace and in israel you have a minority government led baby by netanyahu that is an extreme government. it's michele bachmann 20 times over. so it's not exactly an environment conducive for great heroic foreign policy. mam tell your dughters not to grow up to secretaries of state, not now. you want to be secretary of education, not secretary of state. >> rose: (laughs) so what ought to be the foreign policy debate in this campaign? >> well, i tell you what i've been focused on and i think it's about making
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to be directed by any group. though he did say he was inspired by anwar al alacki, who was eventually killed in a drone attack. >> a lone wolf? >> yes, but not homegrown. >>> we turn now to the presidential election of 2012. we are in the final three weeks of the campaign now. barack obama and mitt romney took their game up a notch last night in the debate and gave every indication today they will keep up the intensity in the final stretch. steve handelsman has the latest from capitol hill. steve? >> jim, thanks. how did last night play in virginia, for example, ohio, the rest of the battleground states? that's what matters most. pollsters try to figure out the answer, the candidates headed out to try to move those numbers. the day after the debate, they went to swing states, still battling. former governor romney in virginia. >> i just think the american people had expected that the president of the united states would be able to describe what he's going to do in the next four years. he can't. he spent most of his time trying to talk about how my plan won't work. >> his tax plan doesn't add
Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
are opening one hour late while schools in culpeper, fauquier, shenandoah anwar reason -- and warren counties are two hours late. >> mineral county is on a two- hour delay. even in the counties opening on time, some individual schools in those districts don't have power and they are closed. you can check for those closings and delays on our website any time you'd like at >>> it's 5:50. it's halloween. and it is a trick to say happy birthday to our colleague delia goncalves. it's her birthday. new mommy. >> 23, right? >> 23 is her age. big sister there. mom and dad all enjoying this day. >> giving her a morning to sleep in. >> we know she follows us on facebook and twitter. hi, delia. >>> it's raw. i was on the weather terrace a couple moments ago. it's cool, damp. it just cuts right through you when it's cold like n. i had the gloves on. lightweight ones. i wish i had the heavyweight ones on. glad i'm inside where it's not as cool. >> monika has the jacket on. >> still flood warnings but not as many as we've had. a lot of these are for rivers and creeks that are still running high
Oct 25, 2012 11:00am PDT
in the world. this guy. anwar al awlaki. the american that became a driving force in al qaeda. cnn's senior international correspondent n ic robertson weaves it all together for us. >> reporter: meet agent storm. morton storm. >> a very likable person. and he seems to me like a chameleon. >> he is really been a double or triple agent sort to speak. >> reporter: a former biker, a militant islamist, visited yemen several times and befriended a man who would become one of al qaeda's most wanted. cleric anwar al awlaki. then he changed sides and turned secret agent. storm said he worked for the cia and danish intelligence services. >> it's such an unusual story because it's so rare that two services unusual story. it's so rare that two services completely mishandled, misjudged him. in the movies, james bond never gives up his secrets, but storm is telling it all to the danish newspaper. >> he called our main number and got -- and started to explain his story we're a bit scared this could be some kind of a weird trap. we did set up the first meeting one night. in a dork parking lot. >> reporter:
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 92 (some duplicates have been removed)